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We are your first stop to become a financial brokerage firm, to renovate an existing exchange business, or to register a private fund – wherever you would like either on-shore, mid-shore or off-shore jurisdictions.


You probably feel better if you have good people giving you hands-on incorporation support, cutting-edge technologies, practical engineering, and smile.


From company formation to recruitment, we are here for giving you full line assistance. Read more.


Fin-tech and Reg-tech are not special words anymore. We will guide you through cutting-edge broker-tech. Read more.


Day-to-day operation is not manually handled by human-being anymore but logically automated. Read more.

API Engineering

API engineering has become more important than ever. Don't worry, we have engineers' language. Read more.

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You are a broker-tech provider, want to be a partner with us?

We are always hungry for cutting-edge and proven technologies for financial brokerage industry. Because we are not just a researcher, but also packed with useful and practical voices made by our broker clients, why not to join our community?  

Reg & Fin-tech Consulting Firm

Catalyst is a research and consulting company for reg-tech & fin-tech. Our clients are mainly from financial brokerage industry and private fund industry. Our partners are industry leading cutting-edge & proven solution providers and regulatory hosting providers in Europe, Middle East, and Asian region. 

Why Choose Our Firm

Chief executive of small brokerage firm might be feeling alone and difficult to keep up with cutting-edge technologies. We are here as your brain and you can count us.

Experienced Staffs

We are all very experienced researchers and consultants with more than 5 years of practical industry experiences.

Leading Providers

We refer you only proven tech providers. Our research includes technology robustness as well as financial strength.

Magical Eye

We carefully listen to your say, because we would like to have exactly same view with you - your vision, design, and existing pains.

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You have a dream, vision, idea, but no concrete plan ? Do not worry, just quickly fill in a form and tell us about you. You are always welcome !